Dear valued customer,

 As you may know, due to the spread of the COVID-19, restrictive measures were introduced in all countries in Europe. As a service provider we would like to inform you about the coronavirus situation in Hungary and about the impact on our business.

At the moment, the situation is not critical in Hungary and there are not many infected people. However considering the European situation, mostly in Italy, the Hungarian government introduced some special measures to prevent a potential crisis i.e. border control through which non-Hungarian citizens may not enter Hungary and Hungarian citizens are permitted entry after quarantine. There are also restrictions for events and opening times of shops. The schools and universities are temporarily closed.

 At our company, we have introduced some preventive actions and we have also a coronavirus corrective action plan. Of course, business trips are not allowed at the moment. If somebody has any relevant symptoms (e.g. fever), she/he has to remain at home. We do not organize visits or inspections at our facility during this time.

 The operative work are organized at our facility and the studies are running as planned. Enough staff are available and the work is organized in such a way that the least necessary number of staff are involved in an activity with the least possible contact. Some employees can work from home and connect remotely and securely to our internal system.

 The traffic of goods is not restricted, neither on the domestic nor the international level. Our external suppliers can deliver (e.g. animals, materials) and the couriers are delivering also to external laboratories.

 At the moment, our business continuity is not compromised and the corona situation does not influence significantly our work. If the infection does not spread wider or faster, we will maintain our facility and services. We expect that the situation will not become more serious due to the measures in place.

 We wish you all the best during these challenging times.

 Status 18.03.2020

 Dr. István Gacsályi and your Aurigon Team